Want to extend InsiteCreation functionality? 

Need new module or customization work? We offers range of services to enhanced your InsiteCreation CMS to meet your requirements.

Custom Development Service

We offers custom development that provide flexibility and stability to satisfy your unique business needs. InsiteCreation custom development service includes alteration and tailoring of existing functionality of InsiteCreation to meet your requirements. This service includes:

  • Custom module development service
  • Enhancement of core functions

Priority Development Service

Sometimes your customization request may also benefits InsiteCreation and other users if it could be included as standard feature in InsiteCreation CMS. In this case, we provides Priority Development Service at highest priority and lower rate for customization fee.

To summarize

  • Custom Development:
    • A request specific to your project (e.g. Website Design, Migrating existing website, Custom Module Development, etc)
    • The result is owned by you, the client.
  • Priority Development Service:
    • A request that fits with the Insite development plan or would constitute an enhancement for other Insite users (For example, an enhancement that improves the current Listing templates, etc)
    • The result will become part of Insite package.

Let Us Know

If you'd like us to prioritize your project, please email us at support@insitecreation.com with the respective category and explain your requirements. We will study your request, and give you an estimate of time & cost.